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Hi i m Sandra... I am a big crafter, i make cards, draw pictures, and experiment with different crafty medias. All day, everyday, you can find me doing some kind of art, whether its painting, shading, drawing, or even finding patterns in everyday objects:) I also love to dance. I dont really know what started me dancing, but I have continued on ever since then, and i find it a great way to express myself:)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Day in the Life of Me

this was just a journal entry that i had to do for dance

~nothing really important~

Surprisingly after I got home from my BFF Christine’s house (I practically live there, if that tells you at all how much I’m over there), I picked up my geometry homework and whizzed right through it (I wanted to finish my bright orange duct tape bag!!) Luckily I didn’t have that much other homework, because I also had other things on my to do list (play Mario brothers, make up a new secret code, choreograph more to my dance, yell at my two dogs for barking at everything that goes down our street, make a sockmonkey, journal, find time to draw, or even check out what’s new on I was petting one of my 3 cats, Dexter (who never leaves my side), but then I got a call from Bailey, and it ended up going from a 5-minute-talk to a 2 hour debate about library books! Haha, well it was fun anyways, and finally after it was all over, I walked in my room to go to bed and realized how much of a nerd I am with all the periodic table, physics, and Harry Potter posters I have up.:) If only everyday was like this...

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