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Hi i m Sandra... I am a big crafter, i make cards, draw pictures, and experiment with different crafty medias. All day, everyday, you can find me doing some kind of art, whether its painting, shading, drawing, or even finding patterns in everyday objects:) I also love to dance. I dont really know what started me dancing, but I have continued on ever since then, and i find it a great way to express myself:)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

puppy icon
I made this cute puppy icon:) on polyvore

puppy icon by Sockmonkeee

Happy new year

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This video I made on smilebox:)
And the cats are not mine, except for Dexter:)
the rest are from, but i used the names of my/my friends cats.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

These image I wanted to upload to Polyvore...

This banana has a face on the side of it!!!
I was about to eat it when i realized that there was a face with eyebrows and everything!!:)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

These are my cats, Dexter, Dee Dee, and Sweetie:)
(When you click on the picture, it comes up bigger and more clear.)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thank you crab (quilling card)

This card was really basic. The crab is made from a technique called quilling, and if you are interested I recommend this website:
Anyway, I started by making the crab out of an orange-ish piece of quilling paper. I rolled the first 8 legs, and then made the same shape for the front claws, but put them in a three-some. For the body, I rolled three pieces of paper together, and the assembled the crab. After the crab was fully dry, eyes and all, I took my color changing markers and wrote "Thanks" across the rest of the room.

Thank you bookmark card

For this Thank you card, I started with a Background stamp, and I stamped it right on to the blue card with the Cameo coral Stampin' up Stamp pad. In the bottom right corner, I stamped "Many thanks" on to a purple piece, and right before gluing the piece down,I put a ribbon across the top of the card. Then I stamped the Butterfly bookmark, and riveted the end so I could string it to the card. I only riveted the bookmark though, so if the receiver wanted, they could take off the string and use the attached piece as a bookmark.

Nature card

So I am also a crafter, right?
well I like to use Stampin' Up supplies for making cards. Here I used the Hostess 2009-2010 Asian Artistry set. In the background I used a big nature stamp from Joann's that I cut into individual squares, and pasted them on the background (the big wood stamp). Then I wrapped a ribbon around the bottom, and stamped "On your special day" on to white card stock.

Cute Quote

I love this quote so much, but i never really had anything to do with it:) I am a dancer, and one of my friends used to have this in her binder.