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Hi i m Sandra... I am a big crafter, i make cards, draw pictures, and experiment with different crafty medias. All day, everyday, you can find me doing some kind of art, whether its painting, shading, drawing, or even finding patterns in everyday objects:) I also love to dance. I dont really know what started me dancing, but I have continued on ever since then, and i find it a great way to express myself:)

Sunday, October 14, 2007


My new 6th grade teacher is named Mr. Minaker!! He is really funny!!
Favorite color: Orange
room: Posters hanging from every wall
cats: Dee Dee (calico) and Dexter (tabby)
daily routine: Wake up at 5:48 a.m. Turn off all alarms, get dressed, feed fish/cats, eat breakfast, brush hair, wake Jenn, brush teeth, do anything after that
shoes: red converse, orange converse, green converse, blue converse, purple converse, furry pink tiger striped converse, brown converse, pink/orange plaid converse, heart and crossbones vans, heely's, running shoes, black skater sketchers, running sketchers, orange sandals, heart sandals, river sandals
favorite animal: tiger
hair: layered
favorite game for Nintendo DS: Animal Crossing, wild world
wears everyday: sports watch, bracelet on upper arm, pooka shell necklace, wristband, two anklets (red ribbon week) ring on thumb
Favorite Grade: 5th
Favorite 2 hats: Burgundy hand made beanie, Queen of the jungle baseball cap
Friends: Christine, Kate, Rachel, Brittany, Peter, Dakota, Cosette
Instruments played: recorder, violin, tin flute, ukulele, drums, piano

good news: Cosy might be moving back; I'm starting a band called the Starblasts with Kate, Christine, Rachel and me; Christine and I are being carrots for Halloween, Jennifer and Emma are being bunnies. I won first place in the fair for my earrings and bracelet, and second for my necklace.
Favorite T.V. show: The suite life of Zack and Cody
Almost everyday, Christine and I go to school wearing the craziest knee high socks. Some are striped, some have diamonds, and we don't really care if people think we are weird because it's really just for fun. Most of the time, people will actually come up to us and say that they like our socks. We also wear a thousand watches up and down our arms. After you get used to them, it feels like nothing is there, except for the fact that everyone has to ask you what time it is. One more weird fact, I wear five red ribbon week bracelets on my right ankle.
lastly, I am terrified of things pointing at me. I don't know why, but i have always been that way...